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The role of administrator administrator’s profession is very diverse depending on the level that is within the administrator, must live with the routine and the daily uncertainty or operational level planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of his department or division in the intermediate level, or even the decision-making process at the institutional level, facing an external environment that the company intends to serve. The more you worry the manager to know or learn how to run the tasks will be better prepared to perform at the operational level of the company. The more you worry about developing concepts will be more prepared to act on the institutional level of the company.An administrator must know how to prepare an expense budget or a sales forecast, how to build a flow chart or program, such as interpreting a balance sheet prepared as planning and production control, etc., and that such knowledge is valuable to the administration, however the most important and vital is knowing how to use it and under what circumstances to apply them properly. Management professionals are the managers, being the college awarding the evidence concerned the Bachelor of Business Administration, also in almost every country in the world there is a master of business degree called MBA.

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