San Telmo

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In exhibits 1016 Balcarce is a pink house in the late eighteenth century who lived in the Juan Carlos Castagnino S.A. the art circuit has been greatly improved by the artifacts and antiquities brought by among the many pieces of tremendous historical value (1908-1972), painter of renown. the art world has many interesting galleries that offer a great experience to the public, for example, ‘s galleries, managed by an extremely successful art dealer and trader In 1960 it was restored to serve as atellier.
Navarre in 1053 is the sixth in the Old Hotel Gallery, artifacts historic building on his 1860 and to a tenement now occupied by antique dealers, artists, craftsmen, sales Antigen ages, a restaurant and so on.
Between the galleries street and Humberto gallery 1 Avenida San Juan is very exhibition damaged the building art that was the “Trust for Children.”
Finished his antiquities tour in the Parque Lezama, rather than the mythical foundation of Buenos Aires first.
In this area, works of art from the 90s, began to install and television studies, mainly from radio

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