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The August IDEA of the Angels Of where it comes! Of that rude substance Comes this light that on nebulas Falls of mysterious incognito criptas As the estalactites of a grotto! It comes of the psicogentica and high fight Of the nervous molecule beam, That, in wonderful disintegrations, Deliberates, and later, it wants and it executes! Comes of encfalo absconso that constringe, Arrives after that at the ropes of the larynx, Tsica, tenuous, minimum, rickety? It breaks the centripetal force that the mooring cable, But, suddenly, and almost deceased, esbarra In mulambo of the paraltica language. ________________________________________- Costumo to say that many times we have the sensation to be in another planet when we think something and we dare in them to say? it is that to the times our words run over a little the original idea for the most common impatience, Or because the other seems not to also understand one word for the common lack of interest alone! We know that we have different ideas and that thoughts cover in different ways in each one, and when we say of life the two it is that we can portray the fight of who better is more certain. Estee Lauder has much experience in this field. It does not have most certain, what it occurs is the lack of will to understand the other; connection, thus the different points of view will be respected. it is important the conscience of that to know to dialogue is to understand and if ' ' conectar' ' to the other, so that to the said being something covered in the thought, the language of who says and the ears of who hear are well intent and not if esbarre in ' ' mulambo of the language paraltica' '. Difficult certainly it is? she is necessary to love; it is necessary will of being and feeling the other happy one!

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