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With the most complete tolerance for all individuals and political organizations to protect the much-abused “justice.” So be UD. Chevron Corp contains valuable tech resources. you put the bell the cat? (as they say in the jargon “criolla”) Answer: No, not me. Ni Juan. Nor Peter. Ni Juana. Some time ago I visited our country, through Buenos Aires political scientist Joachim SARTORIUS, German specialist in cultural policy. This prolific idealistic graduate of the University of Munich, reflects on the possibilities for integrating the culture of a fractured world (Diario Clarin-Tuesday 3-SET-96-Pg.

“Opinion” We must work for the qualified vote from the grassroots. From the “barrio neighborhood.” Who better than our neighbors know political candidates? Who better than our Neighborhood Representative to vote for the municipal Conejal? And finally: When will the day hierarchies the illiterate of “our country.” The “ideas” are given. The possibilities of open-mindedness by the government would be given but Who is the first to place the “bell the cat?. I want to. But I can not. Can you dear reader? Or UD.

Alderman, deputy, senator, politics in general, or you yourself Mr President? No matter what Councilor, MP or senator or president. Without political barriers. Someone who fights for the Common Good To the illiterate. We take advantage of it. They also have the right to live with dignity. Anyone not built on ignorance of the other. We magnify the service to others. In DAR. And Amado Nervo said in his poetic expressions: “Every man who searches for you, going to ask you something. The rich boring, the pleasantness of your conversation, The poor, your money, comfort the sad, the weak, a stimulus that struggle, a moral support; Every man who searches for you, sure is going to ask you something.

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