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Successful 2008 for proficl@ss: unanimous the Board of Directors and Managing Director of proficl@ss have been chosen again end of June international e.V.. Martin Reinke is the Chairman of the Board of the Association, the aim of which is the cross-industry, independent and neutral initiative for the classification of product data, again, head of eBusiness German iron dealer (E/D/E) GmbH held of purchasing offices. The members present were also confirmed in the Office: Michael Barth, Nordwest Handel AG as Managing Director, Erwin F. Summerer, Precitool tool Trading GmbH as Vice-Chairman and Klaus Greefe, German electrical engineering and electronics industry association as Treasurer. During the general meeting in Frankfurt, the club moved a positive assessment of his work over the past year. Jim Rogers : the source for more info. Not only the number of members could be expanded, the number of manufacturers who for the first time, provide data to proficl@ss trading rose considerably in the past year. Nearly 100 companies from all sectors of the Production connection trade users of the standard are now.

In his report the Board of Directors of proficl@ss made it also clear that the number of the PVH segments for the classification standards have been developed and deployed, has grown significantly, the same applies to extensions already existing classes. Also was drawn through the permanent and continuous marketing work massively in the awareness and dissemination of the standards in the industry. There is also progress in the harmonization efforts with eCl@ss. Stretch the Heiko entrusted with this project, Managing Director of 4 media selling, stretch & Herrmann GmbH, said that intensive talks about running, which the respective structures in the existing form remains, where are complementary the two models allow and what elements need to be changed. No question there, however, that proficl@ss have the competence in the production link trade and keep. To avoid proficl@ss is not possible”, daga literally so. Contact for the press: Press & more GmbH, Jurgen Ronsch, the capelin bushes 95, 48155 Munster, Tel: 0251 / 899, 1854, fax: 0251 / 899 1112, the press release can be electronically obtained under.

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