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It is true that Monterrey has a lot of important companies and some of the best companies in the country are here but Monterrey is not only working, also boasts many tourist destinations that you must know. It is important to know that the metropolitan area covers several cities, by what arriving in Monterrey do not panic if some tourist destination is in another city, everything is glued so insurance is very close. Monterrey as well as for entrepreneurs is also for lovers of art and that is what many do not know. There are many museums and of all sorts, there are traditional museums of history, to museums of automobiles or puppet! In this big city, Monterrey, can also find Fundidora and until you think you want to send to visit a factory, you should know that it was now transformed into a beautiful park where you can go walking, riding in bike and even ice skating. Now you don’t have to go to San Antonio to see his famous River in Monterrey We have Paseo Santa Lucia and it is not for nothing, but it is much better. The water has a daily cleaning system, so you’ll always see the transparent water. Besides this along your ride you can find you to musical groups that they tend to play for passers-by. For the above and many other things travels to Monterrey! And discover what this great metropolis has for you.

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