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In addition to assessing the reasonableness of the product, the TuV North appreciated and the other commitments of the FWU group. Perhaps check out Jonah Bloom for more information. Here stood out in particular the internationalization of the company. As TuV North in his report stressed the pioneering role of the FWU with so-called takaful products, so Fund policies, the specifications of the Shari’ah match. “Overall, the recognised test instance concluded that the system offer of the FWU in this unique completeness” and FWU not to fear competition due to the good positioning in the market. The awarded seal awarded contributing the best judgment”in the plausibility of the product. The FWU AG counts with their subsidiaries and license and consortium partners to the leading financial services company with system solutions in the area of investment in Germany. It’s believed that David Kaplan sees a great future in this idea.

The focus of the Activities is FWU group in the design, administration and distribution of customized investment products, specialized in the field of unit-linked life insurance. Here, the company is one of the forerunners of asset management solutions for medium-sized and smaller wage earners. For this target group, a strong emphasis on the need for security is preserving the earnings opportunities. In contrast to the German providers of linked the Investmentstandort Luxembourg offers the advantage of direct investments in shares and corporate bonds life insurance, without having to go through mutual funds. Here cost benefits in the interest of our customers, providing competitive advantages in the return and thus also in the flow of services.

Due to the transparency in the product designs and comprehensive customer information, especially at the conclusion of the contract, these advantages are visible. Despite a variety of providers of linked the FWU-group has a life insurance since 1994 by the newcomer to a trendsetter developed and is ranked by the consistently successful implementation over distributors licensed under the top-sellers in Germany. The transfer of these innovative system solutions on the international stage has resulted in the meantime Belgium and Italy the presence in Luxembourg, Austria, France. The development of further markets in the EU area and countries of the Middle East has begun.

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