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Not surprisingly, all these advantages are very attractive to retailers, the development of UHF systems went very fast. Revolutionary step in the implementation of such systems was the adoption in late 2005, standard UHF EPCglobal Class1 Generation 2 (abbreviated Gen2). It is a concept with improved quality of work and support for new features, such as the work of several readers in close proximity to each other, a high level of readability and reading speed labels, possibility of multiple-record information on labels and higher level of security. Not surprisingly, since January 2006 almost all large companies massively switched to UHF range – Wall-Mart, Metro Group, Rewe, Tesco, Procter & Gamble, Toshiba, Marks & Spencer, Gillette, Nescafe, Benetton, DHL and many others are now working with the systems UHF. Objectively RFID UHF equipment is very different from RFID 13,56 MHz systems, not only on user characteristics, but also in execution. Accordingly, the transition to RFID 13,56 MHz for RFID UHF without complete replacement is impossible.

"FREE" OR "Affordable" does not happen! If you purchased EAS equipment "third generation" based on the promises of "free" or "cheap" upgrade to RFID anti-theft systems in the future, accept and acknowledge that you were deceived. Apart from the fact that this conversion has no practical value and will be expensive to operate, and your provider can not sustain additional equipment promises to make "free" or "cheap" because You need to pay the following costs supplier – shipping electronics or enclosures or systems completely from Europe to Russia or Ukraine – Customs duties on electronics or housing or the system is completely – VAT and other taxes – other costs associated with the refurbishment of the supplier (installation, configuration). Taken together, even putting aside the profit provider who promised you to upgrade "free" or "inexpensive" and to what he is doing it selflessly, you will have to pay for additional equipment protection systems against theft up to 50% of the cost of a new RFID standard equipment of 13.56 MHz. That way will probably be 2-3 times the cost of your EAS equipment. And most importantly, as shown above – RFID system standard 13.56 MHz, now outdated and not used in RETAIL! Company ANTIvor

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