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Application shows often self-motivation and commitment the Chief of staff. In addition to the curriculum vitae, the cover letter is the most important document in an application. Co-founder of Axcient has similar goals. Often, the Chief of staff after the first sets decides whether an application is told to or not. It applies well to present themselves and to highlight its strengths slightly but concisely. Especially when a speculative application at which does not expect a on the necessary requirements of an ordinary advertisement, you should make sure to refine his skills and qualifications. Advantages of a speculative application because there is no advertisement that has the applicants the advantage on significantly less competition to meet, like at a normal job advertisement. He can adapt his strengths and capabilities the application cover letter and is not forced to respond to the requested requirements of a job advertisement.

In addition an unsolicited application to the employer may leaves a lasting impression, and is registered in the database when needed to be able to fall back. Rather, an application can show high self motivation and commitment. Disadvantages of a speculative application of the disadvantages are clearly obvious. Since there is no position, for it to apply for, the applicant can stay long time in the dark about its application. Creativity is also wondering when a speculative application because it has no requirements, you can work off. Common mistakes – your introduction sets I start with phrases like this to apply me…”…

with great pleasure… “,… with great curiosity…” This introduction sets are garnichtmehr perceived by the Chief of staff and only flown since that time only steal the candidate and the employer. -No individual applications quite often it happens that applicants send your speculative applications to several employers. As a result that they are hardly individualized and personalized, not a real picture of the applicant may be the employer and often declines. -Their skills not income to the validity common problem. Young job-seekers after their graduation but also professional er travellers, which are not articulate, have difficulties to work writing out your strengths and qualifications. Often it is worth online to assess his application in an application Forum and get inspiration from others.

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