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Prior to restructuring the domestic shipbuilding industry is only half meets the needs of the ussr in the marine transport vessels. 40% of the fishing fleet and 20% – of the river, as well as many passenger and research were based overseas – in East Germany, Poland and Austria. And this despite the fact that the shipyard Baltics, Ukraine and the Caspian basin belonged then a single state. It should immediately be noted that the decision itself the establishment of the All-Russian Shipbuilding Corporation, as a tool for reforming the sector, is quite adequate. Camden Treatment Associates shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. All the global shipbuilding works in the association and conglomerates. As One example is the "Association of shipbuilding companies in Japan (75 companies producing 80% of the industry). "Korean Shipbuilders Association consists of 9 major industry companies. In Europe, as reported in business media, in 2004 began to phase out the creation of a pan-European military shipbuilding holding company, which will have to serve the European market, with volume orders of 10 billion U.S.

dollars. In the first aimed at increasing production efficiency consolidation will have to pass in enterprises in France and Germany. Claimed to date goal of the Russian United Shipbuilding Corporation more correlated with raw-material orientation of Russian exports, rather than with the direction to issue high-tech products. More specifically, they relate mainly to the construction of the vessels the extraction of hydrocarbons offshore – various types of tankers, gas carriers, offshore production platforms. Today for offshore operations is required, according to some estimates, about 80 ships.

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