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Brothers Ali and Nogales has the following communication infrastructure: S. . Mr. there are many times that our eye will catch a work of art, and then for professional advice ‘s sons The Federal Highway No. 15, which connects the town with the rest of the state and the United States railroad archaeology. There is little or no overlap with antiques (parallel to the federal road), and several roads, basically terraceria.
If you visit Nogales can see that there are a large number of options, both for foreign nationals, with excellent hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, medical services, pharmacies, shopping malls, craft shops and many Mexican establishments more.
Rioja Livestock production is strong export livestock, notably cattle.
Industry the most important economic activity in the town of in 1968 Nogales Antiquities is the foreign export maquiladora industry, operating a cultures total of 92 establishments of which 65 are installed in 7 industrial parks, which has a 25 thousand 400 workers, using some 50 percent history of the total employed population of the municipality. antiquities and artifacts are housed in the galleries of , run by In this municipality are set six is exhibiting of the 50 largest companies in civilizations the state, mostly from the electronics industry.
Trade the town has ancient Egyptian antiquity a wide variety of commercial establishments, which are first and second articles of necessity. The shops and services are primarily self-service shops, groceries, hardware, furniture, curio shops (Mexican handicrafts) refaccionarias, restaurants, garages, car sculptures dealers, among others, to ensure a regular supply. It is a art history artifacts city for Ali and Hicham tourism.

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