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And it defines: the democracy is a form of organization of the power in the society with the aim of extending the citizenship, avoiding or to limit the domination of individuals or groups that prevent this objective and to obtain the perdurabilidad of the democratic organization. They do not lack references in the economic thing: it calls to happen of an economy locked up in dogmatisms to one with diversity of options. The flame elegant to fill of policy to the society and society to the policy. And it returns it to warn: a democracy that is deficit in the citizenship creation is not sustainable. It adds a very interesting definition of society of the well-being, because for the report it is it when the majority of the inhabitants enjoys citizen rights and where its exercise is not confined to a minority. Another suitable use that we found is the one of word ” finalidad” , when being indicated that without social purpose the democracy will collapse and when emphasizing that it is not matter of the democracy formulation of a specific economic policy, but the effects of that economic policy in terms of citizenship creation, very interesting affirmations then, on the one hand are broken with the thesis of which democracy and neoliberalism cannot exist the one without the other and in addition without specific mention is of manifesto one of the diseases that we have indicated until the fatigue: the subordination of the policy to the economy. The attention call is insistent: it is not enough with indicating that it is wanted to change to the turn government, is necessary to understand the policy in democracy like saying towards where going, to propose objectives and means to reach them.

In the republican organization of Latin America, by the others, one of the traumas is the advance of the Executive, on the Legislative one and the Judicial one. We know the Venezuelans well to it. Still more, the constant warning on a cesarista regime is something that we suffer on a daily basis. These perverse forms produce generalized skepticism. PNUD-OEA call to a new democratic wave founded on the consensus on the construction of the democratic power and to the cease of the postauthoritarian stage. It finishes one reading the document and concludes in two things: Chvez is portrayed in him and the Table of the Democratic Unit (MUD, that groups to opposition party), the one that has been including incapable to formulate expositions like these ” politically correctos” of democratic preservation. Venezuela has the two diseases: the cesarismo and the lack of thought.

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