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To work from house is a dream for many people, others, is our daily reality that brings about a feeling of freedom and independence to us: without clock, without checador of time and without which it presses in relation to like handling your time to you. This sounds very well, but as well as other attractive things, has its disadvantages that are necessary to control before beginning and being able to eficientar our time and resources, to reach our objectives. Some people pass many hours of their time filling calculation leaves to control their daily agenda. With a great amount of activities, slopes and projects, it is difficult to reach all the established goals only after a day. Luckyly programs of computation that can simplify the life to us, with the intensity exist to improve our productivity and to reduce the tension that brings about the pressure to us of the time and to return it our ally.

If you think that you do not need an agenda work for your business from house, I recommend to you you think that it better, this can eficientar to you in much your business. Besides the previous thing, it is necessary to consider that due to being working in house, the distractions can multiple and be varied, reason why it is necessary to have everything controlled. There are my recommendations for you here: 1. – It prioritizes, there are a list that goes of the important activities but to less transcendental for your business. It is common that we lose time realising things that do not represent great avance.2 to us.

– The concentration Conserves, is easy to relax and to lose atencin.3. – A free time Dates, is common that the programmed activities of work do not interfere with your time libre.4. – In relation to the previous point, you do not leave your time free interferes with your schedule, because they are possible to be your projects back importantes.5. – When concentrating your time and effort in high-priority projects, you would advance of faster form towards your goals. Recently we participated in a congress in line, with several men and women with businesses from house and all we agreed in which when having an agenda ordinate and previously established, you obtain major independence and freedom, instead of esclavizarte, since your you are the owner of your time and of the agenda, thus you know how long to work, and darte the opportunity of programarte a food of three hours or tomarte a complete day of rest, previously because you have fulfilled your daily goals. Everything is question of organization and order to end of accounts.

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