Business Coaching

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Coaching in Business In business coaching practice is used as a methodology to obtain specific results and attitudinal changes in their employees, both individually and in groups. Some of the most common concerns that arise in the pursuit of its implementation, are: opportunities to improve communication or interpersonal relations, performance evaluations that are below the expectations of the company, unmotivated employees, or the need to find a tool that facilitates meet challenging targets. Executive Coaching is focused on the role played by a director, manager, supervisor, etc.., May be requested by him or be a proposal made by the company. In the latter case is fundamental to the process to be viable, have the consent of Coach (Coaching person receiving) and link their personal interests with those of the employer, within a framework that ensures confidentiality.

It works with an action plan aligned with the company and agreed indicators. On the professional practice of the Coach – A Coach is not pathology, where the client shows signs of conflict suggests a visit to a psychologist or occupational therapist. However, considering each individual case, a person can work with both professionals in the form simultaneously, since their domains of action are different. – A Coach on the assumption that the Client has the resources necessary for their development, overcoming limits or deadlocks, the Coach is his companion in the process, suggesting activities for reflection, analysis and creation, so the client also generates means allowing him to design their way and move on.

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