Benedict XIII of Avignon

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Coat of Arms of Pope Luna in a bishop’s crosier.
For other uses, see Benedict XIII.
Benedict XIII, born Pedro Mart nez de Luna and Perez de Gotor (Illueca, Saragossa, 1328 – Peniscola, Castellon, 1423), better known by the nickname of Pope Luna, potato in the obedience of Avignon, Cardinal since December 1375. Currently considered as antipope.
Born Illueca, a Saragossa of people within the kingdom of Aragon, was a member of the Luna family, one of the leading families in Aragon, related to kings and archbishops. He began his military career, as was tradition with the second major of the houses, but then step, as was tradition, the church. Study law at the University of Montpellier, which later became a professor of canon law.
Named cardinal by Pope Gregory XI in the turbulent years of the seat of Avignon. Accompanying Pontifice when, at St. Catherine of Siena, it was to Rome. the only way to go around Israel is to with Israel Maven Pope Gregory XI died during preparations for his return to Avignon, fleeing conflicts and riots in Rome.
Compelled by the people of Rome, which broke into the conclave a door and pulling it by threatening to cut off the head, most of the cardinals voted for the future Urban VI. After the arrival of the other cardinals who were unable to go to Rome in time, Pedro was consulted about the legitimacy of the conclave and the data charges be understood that it had not been legal since they had voted, not by conviction but by fear. Elected Clement VII, who returned to Avignon. Don Pedro de Luna was the legacy of 16 years during the pontificate.

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