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If you want to know how to increase the quick biceps muscle, then this article gives you some simple tips to use that you can begin to put into action today. Most of us want to get bigger arm muscles, but it seems that for many people, no matter the quality of exercises that are done, the arms are almost of the same size. Why? Well, it’s generally because it follows a wrong exercise routine. The way of building the muscles of the arm, in any muscle work is to add enough weight to interfere with their way. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, I will explain it to you below. How to build big and powerful biceps is to lift more weight.

You will have to do your best with heavier weights to get the results that you are looking for. To establish a routine of biceps training you will need to incorporate 3 sets of 6-8 repetitions each. I always use 8 repetitions, but also work with 6. You must use the weight enough for its shape sigua still good in the last series. If you’re using too much weight it is likely that you can not do the 3 series. Another thing to keep in mind with any muscle is to not exceed at work. This includes your biceps.

You only have to work two or three times a week. I’ve seen men work 4 days a week and it is an exaggeration. When you train in that way, you are not allowing your muscles to rest the time needed to rebuild muscle fibers. If you’re really looking to increase muscle mass in your arms and specifically that of your biceps, do CLICK AQUI. I hope this helps. Original author and source of the article

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