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Samba is an open source program, which has an available domain controller with Windows NT 4.
The open source Mandriva Directory Server provides a web interface for managing Samba domain controller and LDAP directory service.
Alternatively Novell eDirectory, which is cross-platform: you can run on any operating system: Linux, AIX, Solaris, Novell Netware, UNIX and integrates Native LDAP v.3. It is the forerunner in terms of directory structures, since it was introduced in 1990 with the version of Novell Netware 4.0 to Microsoft AD Although achieving greater popularity, still can not match the reliability and quality and their ability Multiplatform eDirectory.
Sun Java ES Directory Server and OpenDS are Java-based alternatives. The first is a product of Sun Microsystems and the second an open source alternative.
An alternative that integrates OpenLDAP, Heimdal Kerberos, Samba and digital certification and Bind9 also (modified to use LDAP as backend) is WBSAgnitio ().

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