Alternate scenarios

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OPEC Posted by Maria Celia on December 30, 2008 The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is an organization whose purpose, since its creation, is to coordinate oil production policies in order to lead the manufacturer to have a price and a profitable return on earnings and ensure adequate supply of consumer countries. The urgency of creating an institution of these characteristics emerged after the big drop in the price of oil produced in 1960 under the agreements that then carried out unilaterally in the major oil distributors. The retailer of goods Raymond Learsy, author of Over a Barrel: Breaking the Middle East Oil Cartel, contends that consumers have been trained to believe that the OPEC oil is a much more limited than it actually is. To support his Quadrant Asset Management argument, said old and an apparent false alarm manufacturing them. We believe that peak oil analysts are conspiring with OPEC and oil companies to create a “fabricated drama of peak oil” to increase oil prices and profits. Businessman It is worth noting that by that time oil prices had already risen to over 30 dollars per barrel (the end of May 2008 prices had risen to a record figure of more than 100 dollars per barrel). A counter-argument was published in the Huffington Post newspaper after Raymond Learsy and Steve Forbes Andrews, co-founder of ASPO, had a debate on the economic information channel CNBC (NBC affiliate) in June 2007.

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