12seconds, You’re Doing or Where Are You, As a AV

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Failing to receive an invitation to test it further, we find 12seconds, a system of micro-Videoblogging bearing the familiar updates to video format. The operation is very simple. Only we must tell our friends what we are doing or where we are, all recorded either through a webcam or through our mobile device camera and Internet access, which is the maximum 12 seconds.

These videos will be part of our gallery of videos, and each of our videos can be commented upon, but in addition, we offer links and codes html so that we can add our updates on blogs and websites.

But in addition, also allows us to include our widgets in blogs and websites so that our fans can access our own videos.

The user interface is quite clear and minimalist, so I do not think qe has problems in their use, is actually quite simple to use.

Now, as always, be useful to see who or what Tilden jet, because the digital vineyard has to be around. What is clear is that 12seconds intends to contact relatives and friends through video messages of up to 12 seconds. As I write these lines, I come to the head that is the equivalent of telephone calls between people to leave short simple warnings.

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