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Unlike other European ports, long maritime tradition, the Bay of Algeciras is relatively recent. Until the occupation of Gibraltar by the British (1704), the site of Algeciras had abandoned since the fourteenth century. Refugees fleeing from the city arrived at the site of Algeciras, the city founded on the ruins of the old Muslim settlement.
In the nineteenth century, in 1894, built the first port facility itself, a wooden pier at the mouth of the Rio de la Miel. Since the establishment of the Board of Harbor Works in 1906 to coincide with the Conference of Algeciras starts the growth of the port of Algeciras, thus in 1913 began to build the pier Galera, officially called King Alfonso XIII in 1916 and the Darsena Villanueva.
Expansions at the docks are becoming more difficult because they start to rely on Green Island and not on land, because in 1923 it installed two large cranes, Goliath and Titan izaban that the stones that came in large boats to in 1926 the construction of a bridge linking the island with the land and the passing train. in 1930 the pier was built in 1932 and fishing the north breakwater was protected from storms. However, the growth of the port began in the second half of the twentieth century. In 1964 he settled in the area and an industrial chemist whose greatest exponents would Cepsa refinery and factory stainless Acerinox. Until then, fishing and passenger traffic between the two sides of the Strait of Gibraltar were the most important activities in the area.
In 1967 the port facilities with extensive incorporation of the port of La Linea de la Concepcion, called since then Port Algeciras-La Linea.
In the sixties, the containerized cargo traffic experienced a boom, which together with the installation on the major shipping port of Land and Sea in the mid-seventies and Maersk A decade later, definitely enhance the port area of Thus in 1976 opens the container terminal at Sea-Land and the 1986 AP Moller-Maersk Group started its activity in the port.
Since 1982 the Port Algeciras-La Linea he joined the Port of Tarifa across the straits to expand the jurisdiction of the Port Authority. Since 1993 the port is now called the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay in addition to the ports of Algeciras, La Linea and Tarifa includes berths Camp, Puente Mayorga and pontoons of CEPSA and Acerinox.

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