The qualities of functional foods

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The innovative advances in molecular biology have expanded biotechnology created limitless possibilities in the areas of scientific discoveries, creating new products and mass production. The advances have increased the potential number of products for medical benefits and health These foods can be classified into three categories: I. Food based on natural ingredients. II. Food should be eaten as part of the daily diet. III.To consume foods that play a specific role in human body functions allowing: “The improvement of biological defense mechanisms. Prevention or recovery-specific disease. “Control of physical and mental conditions. -Delay the aging process. As functional components, we find The Terpenes are distributed in green foods, soy products and grains. are phytonutrients.antioxidants, protecting lipids, blood and other body fluids against free radical attack. phenols “block the action of specific enzymes that cause inflammation. -Changing the metabolic pathways of prostaglandins and prevent the agglomeration of platelets. “They inhibit the activation of carcinogens by blocking the initiation of the process of carcinogenesis. They are antioxidants Flavonoids: include flavones and isoflavones which are found in fruits and vegetables. Block the angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) that causes increased blood pressure. Prevents “gomosidad” of platelets and their agglomeration. They protect the vascular system by strengthening the transport of oxygen and other essential nutrients to all cells. Block the enzymes that produce estrogen. Http://

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