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Gala Party, by noble to bunt. With a new design in the key colours of magenta-black starts June Wilson in a new entertainment decade. The website has become even more attractive thanks to the new visibility. This has proven to not only paint”changed! You will find the homepage of singer June Wilson now completely revised and clearly structured in the new look”. The information portal presents itself in the new layout with detailed profiles of show, clearly sorted in categories to navigate, all around good. has now even more user-friendly and this still clearer. Thanks to its clear design, you will find “Everything in sight”. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dara Khosrowshahi . The new websites offer more services for the different target groups of the event industry.

Thanks to the new simplified navigation event organisers and interested people quickly and easily find the information they need. The texts are shorter and more compact. At the same time create more online groups on the respective show concepts: like Betreibsfest, new year’s Eve. Christmas, a clear design. New visibility: after the redesign the homepage is completely modified and equipped with a host of new features.

The optically revised page allows information about June Wilson users as a singer and television presenter to get and to inform the show divergently Gala, party and the specials like anniversary celebrations, musical, new year’s Eve, Christmas and Carnival. You want up-to-the-minute information, images, demo song for your canvassing? Here there is information around the clock for the event industry. A tree path to navigierender easily facilitates the search. New technology: the extensive range of information has been equipped with a clear and concise navigation area, where is the user quickly and easily find your way,. Thanks to this new visibility, the website has become even more attractive. The positive overall impression of the page is underlined with atmospheric images. Studio recordings but also live pictures of the stages in the unprecedented dream events, remember, show the versatility of the vocal artist. New is the range not only technology and design, but also images, layouts, and press releases are new for your canvassing as downloads in the protected area. Accessible only via special passwords for the audience. You are looking for in-depth technical information? There is further information and current advertising material, informative prepared today and at a glance in the protected area. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Reshma Kewalramani. This can also be used for a personal login by the audience. Here you have access to the necessary documents around the clock for customer advertising to the download. This area complemented the guns gradually with current images of portraits of artists. Step by step, repertoire lists, other demo collections, on / presentations / Veranstaltungsleitfaden to will come. All important information about the exclusive show and various strip concepts available here are the user. Here find needed stage directions such as press articles. Unique eye-catcher is the media player separate in 3 styles. In this audio / Mp3 information portal you will find expressive music to the listen and download. Information from now on the road: it gives a taste of the new website now even by traveling! Because the new homepage is currently available on all mobile devices. A special on the iPhone, BlackBerry and similar devices tuned Konfigutartion makes the retrieval of the homepage also from any mobile device can easily try it out. Gala Party, by noble to bunt. Get inspired.

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