The ladies of Avignon

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‘Queen Venus in the Salon of 1863. Painters and sculptors have worked, to egypt art which more, each better, back to the source of all beauty. It Cabanelas who has risen higher in this attempt, his Birth of Venus is the biggest success of the exhibition. ” (C. De Sault. 1863) ‘The quality of the painting is perfectly in harmony with the way the composition of the painting. The meat is perfect and divine, and not modeled with coarse material that is made mankind. Cabanelas Venus has not forgotten that feed on nectar and ambrosia, and that such a body, could not find enough pearly tones and soft. ” (Revue du Monde illustrates. The ladies of Avignon, the young ladies of Avignon or Avinyo is a picture of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso painted history of art in 1907. He has great knowledge in ancient art completed his university studies in archaeology and art history It is made using the technique of oil on greek art canvas and measures 243.9 x 233.7 cm. Is preserved in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
This table, which marks the beginning of his term, African or Protocubismo is the key reference for the discussion of Cubism, which the Spanish artist is the maximum exponent. Print a new beginning where Picasso erases all the sublime tradition of breaking with realism, the deep canyons of space and then up to antiquities the ideal female body, all the work reduced to a set of plans or unfunded angular spatial , greek sculpture where the forms are marked by dark lines clear.
Two of the faces, the appearance of the five most Cubistic, mask-like, due to the influence of African art, whose cultural events began to be known in Europe by that time, while the two plants are greece art more related to the faces of medieval frescoes and sculptures primitive Iberian face on the left presents a profile that recalls the paintings Egyptian.
The basis of this work are influenced by a reinterpretation of the elongated figures of El Greco, having identified a particular influence of its Vision Ancient art of the Apocalypse, its environmental structure art that recalls Cezanne bathers and harem scenes Ingres. Reddish-ocher tones are characteristic of his era black.
Work criticized and misunderstood even among artists, collectors, art critics and art of the time but that did not understand the new direction taken egyptian art by Picasso, who, along with Georges Braque, and continue to create the new stream Cubistic until the onset of sculpture art First World War.
Was exhibited at the Galerie d’Antin (Paris) in 1916, after which the store Picasso in his studio until the early 20’s was bought by Jacques Doucet in 1925 and exhibited at the Petit Palais. Shortly after the painting was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where he is one of roman art the most prized pieces in the collection.
This book is considered the beginning of modern art and a new stage in the painting of the twentieth century.

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