The Franchise System Adds More Foreign National Chains And Franchises

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The Statistical Research Department of the AEF has prepared the study “Franchising in Spain 2009.” According to data from this report, at 31 December last year, there are now 919 franchisees operate teach in our country, 44 more than were registered in December 2008. u At the same time, another significant finding is the increased presence of foreign networks in Spain. Of the 159 operating in the country in December last year, now account for 172, ie 13 more. u On the other hand, in these times of crisis the system has suffered a decline in the overall turnover of 4.1% from the EUR 25734.6 million in the last statistic to 24699.5 million which closed 2009. u It has been a decline in the number of operating establishments, moving from the current 58 305 to 57 139, therefore, local 1166 minus (- 2%).

It has also affected the number of jobs created, with the loss of 854 jobs work, representing a decrease of 0.4%. The Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) introduced his report “Franchising in Spain 2009.” As stated in the same, now are 919 chains that make up the Spanish franchise system, of which 747 are of domestic origin (81.2%) and the remaining 172 from (18.8%) of other countries, mainly from France (42), United States (40), Italy (28) and Portugal (11) -. In total, 44 teach more than in December 2008, 31 national and 13 foreign. When evaluating this data, Vallhonrat Xavier, President of the AEF, said that “despite the economic downturn, companies, both Spanish and international, continue to opt for growth through the formula of the franchise, which shows they see the advantages and strengths offered by the system as a model for expansion.

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