The Baron

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Tereza alone thought about catching its sword wanting to help loved its before finishing to go up the steps heard finishes it sigh of the young Philip with the inebriados eyes arrived at the door of its room when it felt in its coast the steel of the sword and said its last words. ' ' _Eu I love you Felipe' ' A tear rolled of its eyes and faleceu, its pink face and soft smile in the lip gave to it impression to it to be sleeping if it was not the installed blood. The Baron transformed its face of the hatred to the desperation saw in the eyes of Tereza in its last sobro of life a brightness, that never turns while its wife that was as black rocks without life. The sadness and the hatred had taken account of this man who passed its days cursing them for the treason. With passing of the years it was losing its richness and with it its friends if they had moved away the bitterness consumed that it became its insuportvel company until dying alone in its room and alone to be found one week after infarto. The Baron was trado for its vanity and egoism without perceiving the evil that he caused to the others and itself exactly. The friends of the young journalist had embedded loving the together ones and in its tablets it was writing: ' ' They had been loving They had lived and they died Trying the flame burning hot Of the true Perpetual love and sublime.' '

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