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Higienin Page

Posted by on Monday, 1 August, 2016

Still down but nothing relevantea Aahhh! Other kit this time! Finally, clicking the back button, and back to form. Choose the second announcement and avoila!, A page intended for the explanation of the active ingredient in the foam, its main applications, buying tips and use, etc.. Besides, you realize that it is the same online store that you had visited a few hours before, but different page. Clicking the button a productos recomendadosa and, now, you're exactly on the same page that morning. KBS is open to suggestions. Your options will have become clear: A) MagicCleaner Active = 52.90 a, B) Foam Higienin Active = 39.90 a, WISH Perhaps then, and still you have a closer idea of what to offer, want to know more on each. We will follow the case of a higienin active foam, and imagine that you perform a new search with these words. Sponsored results resulting in the form are as follows: These words seem to indicate I want. They are more specific and include the brand.

Here the answer is obvious. Assuming that the above results you had not clicked the ad may be time to find out more. The Offer message is not exactly relevant but Higienin is the brand you want and you saw the ad before. Therefore, you click on it and land on a page that displays a product image, a brief detail of it, a red circle with a 15% a Offa in and BUY option.