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Posted by on Wednesday, 20 April, 2016

Waste water that is below the backwash is basically a lifting system of the public sewer disposed according to DIN EN 12056-1. This is handy for all cellar buildings that have a toilet, washing machine or shower in the basement. Only through a properly installed lifting system with the corresponding wiring is ensured that no water from the sewer enters the building and at the same time building any waste water transported during a set out in the public channel. This standard is in the construction and operation of land drainage systems to comply with. Even if a permit not the danger of waste backwater explicitly pointed out, that provision is not void. Anti flood valves are in certain cases as a small alternative”to the sewage lifting plant as a backup storage can be used.

Mr. Dipl.-ing. Stadler, technical director of the drain AS Rhine-Main Headquarters, in this context refers to the need for regular maintenance: the required backwater protection in a properly installed land drainage systems are often present, and still it comes back pressure damage. This is because in a missing or inadequate maintenance of the backwater protection then. Wastewater lifting plants should be serviced EN 13564 in multi-apartment houses at intervals according to DIN single-family homes by a maximum of one year and maximum 1/2 year by a specialist. Anti flood valves for faecal-free wastewater to two times in the year and anti flood valves for sewage containing waste water should be maintained at least two times a year.”occurs despite the use of a suitable re-storage backup no proper maintenance, it can quickly Cost insurance protection”, so the next specialist. For more information on topics related to the drainage system on the drain AS Alliance homepage. Drain AS Alliance is the pioneer in the field of all works on drainage and since 1969 continuous improvement, specialization of our work and satisfaction of customer needs have priority with us.