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The Situation

Posted by on Monday, 2 April, 2018

She does not mumble nor she speaks too fast. Not even the best one of the critics serves, if the other person does not understand what says. 6. It does not insist too much. A long and repetitive critic induces, simply, to that the other person " desconecte". It either does not turn his critics into speeches; when the one that listens bores, it does not pay attention. 7.

It offers incentives for the change of behavior, and compromtase to collaborate to solve the situation. 8. It does not leave his own feelings negative, dye what it is saying. It takes care of of which its voice does not transmit shades of hostility or sarcasm. It avoids the colricos gestures, as they can be the closed fists, gathered frown, and accusing fingers; the nonverbal attitudes must reinforce their words, instead of to contradict them. 9.

It demonstrates its empathy with the feelings or the problem of the other person. 10. Resrvese the critic for the suitable moment and the place. A spontaneous critic can take to say things to us, that we really do not have intention to say, or to express to us of destructive way. 11. It considers the possibility of preventing a hostile reaction to his critic, " prediciendo" the reaction of the other person: " I know that I can decirte this, because your you are able to assume it and to take it bien". 12. If its critic produces positive results, reconzcalo and agradzcalo verbally. Finally: In favor of the entrepreneurs, we found the following suggestions: If one of its subordinates has committed a serious error, can criticize it without it puts itself to the defensive, taking into account these advice: He becomes attached myself to the message. He does not mix the flattery with the critic, since that approach softens its critic and, in addition, throws to lose the flattery. He reaches an agreement in the points that has raised. Asegrese of which the person understands her restlessness and is of agreement on the seriousness of its error. It devises a solution or remedial action. If the situation can be fixed, arrglela. But, please, it does not rescue the employee. It was the one who committed the error. I assure to him that it will learn more when having to raise a solution. Djelo to happen. If generally his collaborator is good worker, he does not insist on the problem. To repeat always to the same will offend it history and their fellow workers will perceive you, like a little comprehensive person. original Author and source of the article.

Internet Marketing

Posted by on Thursday, 16 February, 2017

Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about the businesses that are present and future today, I mean they are the most recommended due to growth in its scope and above all because there is an economic boom. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo and I dedicate myself to do Internet Marketing, now yes we see quite a few times we have already seen everything that has the technology to offer us and make life easier for us, Internet is no exception, it has come to stay as well as social networks, the information age in which we live and that he plans to stay many years still more, and I believe that it is advisable to learn about certain rules of the game in business if we want to undertake tip or make winning investments. I am thinking that I should use the leverage that offers technology, combined with our talent and perseverance to create certain businesses and be able to succeed economically. Roubini Global Economics: the source for more info. It is very easy to understand this, if you use internet in your future business almost certainly you’ll have almost all the necessary tools to find customers and make your investment profitable, but that will only happen if you capacitas you and learn what is necessary to make your business take off. Without trying to push you or anything of those things, that you leave doubt and speculate about your possible success in business, I recommend you launch yourself into the pool, start an attimino and not stop you never tell you. Especially in the difficult moments, because it will be a long road, hard and even mortal but that is worthwhile if you don’t never give and exceed all the obstacles that are presented as if they were a game. I hope you have understood my message, I say goodbye and wish you the best.