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Posted by on Monday, 16 July, 2018

Plagiarism (from the Latin word plagio kidnapped”), born along with the script, which stepped into the Internet from time immemorial. He accompanied his whole humanity conscious history, they have sinned, even great Virgil, Shakespeare and Voltaire. Plagiarism throughout its history has been the phenomenon of nondescript, it is often possible to pass off as imitation, borrowing or agreement between the ideas, and to understand the text itself has always been very difficult. Examples include mass of litigation, as in the past century and today. Plagiarism is closely related to copyright, and often develops into a commercial problem. And only the modern development of information technologies has allowed to some clarity to the issue of the definition of plagiarism. A related site: Ripple protocol mentions similar findings. If for some authors stealing content on the Internet is simply an unpleasant phenomenon, for writers, selling their texts, this kind of deception in the network brings significant losses.

It is now possible to fight this phenomenon, at least, to establish exactly is the text of plagiarism or not. Referring to the site, you can check for plagiarism of any text fragment, and if the fit (up to 5000 characters), then the whole article. Go to the site, register, start working in the “Add document”. At Robertson Stephens you will find additional information. Bring verifiable paper and go to “The User”, where you will find the report (find an appropriate icon) in the form of three ratings: a partial block of originality, the originality of the block, the originality of the final block. All estimates are in percentages.

Check the text on the site is carried out on its own database of documents, numbering more than 10 million copies. If you find the source of borrowing, it will show you, and if a match is not one hundred percent, you can find out how many text revised. The site is a complete history of your checks to any verification You can always come back. If you suspect someone of stealing your content, the services of this site are not interchangeable. Customers texts and articles for their sites now have the opportunity through this project to receive finished materials with the test of originality. Teachers can conclusively disprove the students of plagiarism and academic councils, their candidates for a degree. This project fell into TOP10 casual games in 2007..” Still, even with this development of informational technologies, the problem of plagiarism is a very complex and ambiguous, because, if it’s plagiarism is defined as the use of text without permission of the author, me, for example, such a rip-off satisfied. I will be grateful to anyone who will place my text without my permission on their website (texts are written for people, not to fold in a box), and doubly grateful, if you do not forget at the same time put a link to my site. Perhaps, the user learns from my text some useful and new to him an idea and develop it further. Naturally, the author, a merchant in the network to become such an approach is unacceptable.

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Posted by on Friday, 24 February, 2017

As is well known for sale of information products on the Internet is through the website and mailing list. This is true. But experience shows that people buy the information product primarily from the author, who is a professional in his field, who always writes and publishes articles from the author, who at all times "by ear"! In order for you to buy goods, you must create your brand. Become known in their circles. Get people talking about you and all your projects. Only in this way! Once you have your brand, you will become known in their circles, you will notice an increase in their sales. You will be able to obtain additional profit, but because simply recommend a product through your affiliate link.

To maintain a profitable and constantly evolving business, you need to work toward the establishment of its own Brand: Get known among Internet entrepreneurs Become a professional in your area Receive recognition subscribers Etc. etc. Remember: you must promote your name and your website! What is needed to create your own brand: 1.Sozdat and maintain a mailing list 2.Sozdat and run your own website 3.Sozdat your free mini-course 4.Sozdat and blogging Today in RuNet there are a number of services that provide those or other business tools for e-business. But there is another method which combines all the necessary business tools. These are: Business – tools Intway World Corporation. In a set of business tools include all that you may need both experienced and budding entrepreneurs, to rapidly organize their own multi-functional representation on the Internet. Learn all the details here!