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State Conference of Medical Students The aim Jeem meeting of all members representatives from each of the 33 medical schools, and must be conducted with a gap of 6 months maximum, around April and October-November of each year. In these regular meetings are part of decision making and the drafting of the agreements of the General Assembly. The Act was also drafted proposals that collects the requests of students and sent to the Ministries of Health and Consumption, Education and Science, the Conference of Deans of Medicine and the Medical College Organization. In April 2007, were held on the campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona the 50th General Assembly of ordinary character, and the 51st, extraordinary to change the Statutes and Internal Regulations.These dates are approved the organization of a Congress of Medical Education for medical students, which has an annual basis, with the University of Alcala de Henares, the first site in April 2008.

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