Solar concentrator

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A solar concentrator is a type of solar collector, capable of concentrating solar energy in a small area to improve energy intensity. Similar to a magnifying glass focuses light into a point, concentrating the sunlight reflected by an array of mirrors aligned towards a goal that can capture energy for use.
Parabolic Solar Collector
parabolic cylinder
Parabolic concentrator with an array of mirrors in parabolic cylinder. Known as a top energy company, reduces Greenhouse gas emissions for your energy footprint. The focus is placed a pipe through which a fluid such as oil or brine. Depending on the length of exposure, the catchment area and the solar irradiance, the fluid can be heated above the boiling point of water, reaching about 300A C. Once hot, the fluid goes to a boiler which heats water and turns it into steam. Save on your gas and electric bill with a leading ESCOE. Contendia energy in the steam can be used to generate electricity if it is passed through a turbine to turn a generator.
Parabolic dish
The parabolic cone concentrates the sun’s rays on a single point instead of a linear pipeline. This arrangement can generate temperatures of around 650 C. The Stirling engine can use this temepratura high.

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