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Formerly Financial Manager administrative operations performed empirically in translating the books and accounting records analyzing management courses the structure of the firm within a school of management specified period, or analyzed the current situation of the same, there school of business was a difference clear the counter and the finance manager, but today the role that should be taken is to show the active role that has the financial manager in making organizational decisions based management school on what they define financial indicators in a given period. Now part of the corporate process that today are the organizations based on diagrams no longer functional business degree but by processes and organizations exerted great influence over the decisions made based on strategic planning or analyzing the present of the company but business school more importantly with visionary thinking. The visionary thinking refers to the strategy that defines top management to achieve the objectives of the Company based on the definition of plans and programs for the attainment of organizational goals. The financial manager must direct its role towards the achievement of organizational goals and objectives through making decisions based on a study of financial indicators that are established to measure progress of the company in terms of performance of their income. Financial Manager today plays one business of the most important roles in making business decisions as these should be designed so that resources flow efficiently and these investments are appropriate to meet the missionary objectives of the company with schemes geared to the needs of the market focusing on the major financial functions such as investment, financing and dividends this to maximize the value of the company. Depending on the analysis and decisions will decide whether profits should be distributed or achieved instead implement a policy of steady growth, at that point is where the Financial comes to persuade shareholders about which is best for the company and restate business administration the financial targets established reproduced with a good policy of liquidity management. An existing phenomenon by which the Administrator function has been changing day by day is the competitiveness of business, this helps us in a better way to assess all areas of the business and know how graduate school to apply business schools indicators not only financial but also managerial, more information on issues likely to affect the company All this coupled with financial tools to be used depending on the problem to be solved and its importance in the application as the sources and the application of uses, budgets, financial indicators, the financial mathematics which include permitting school rankings a solid base of information to support decisions made by our financiers. An important objective in the financial management is to finance the company as cheaply as possible and that the company uses the best resources to generate value in the case of investments Financial Manager should determine which are distance learning in the shortest time possible, having into account the risk and analyzing the opportunity costs, we must consider whether the decisions are costly to the company or involving requirements and changes in the development of the financial process.

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