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Joseph BRECHNER those who rely their investments on the advice of economic gurus, without taking into account political developments, can be unpleasant surprises in the near future. In Latin America, Brazil is becoming the Mecca of the Argentine investor, who does not contemplate that that country is still ruled by the Communist Party, but with a more noble title. Obviously for Argentine businessmen, who are accustomed to the larger Mischiefs of their rulers, the Brazil seems solid and stable. Laughably, Brazilian potentates, who outperform economically Argentines with several zeros, are investing in the United States, because for them that is safer than the own market. To the disappointment of the South American millionaires, United States offers not yet adequate, and in the North guarantees billion can last a day. Latin American leaders are with good fortune thanks to demand for commodities and believe owners of the world, particularly the Brazilians.

As fall crumbs from the rich to the poor, the country is happy and the favelas are growing. The Argentine President, who is considered a genius political and business, suggested that the world copy its economic model. tion. Cristina for many years not walking on the sidewalks of Buenos Aires full of broken tiles and streets that suck with garbage. Not affected by inflation. Cristina is believed to be large because it has 6 billion dollars of surplus. Source: Senator from Maine.

The Argentina should have 60,000 million, taking into account its potential. Mexico is in the hands of drug traffickers. The violence is so fierce, that is scaring away foreign investors and tourists. Brazil and Argentina live mainly on the export of agricultural products. Its largest buyers are India and China. The two Asian giants sell manufactured products and services to Americans. If United States re-enters in crisis and stop buying from China and India, all will again fall into the well. What is the situation in the North? Senator Republican Judd Gregg, an expert in Economic Affairs, with 30 years of experience in public service, speaks of a fiscal melt in United States. Gregg is the man in the Banking Committee and Senate budgets. He was nominated for Commerce Secretary by Obama, but it rejected the offer. The Senator spoke about the huge deficit that is operating the U.S. Government, warning that it is on an unsustainable track. If it continues at the current pace, it will double your tax debt in five years and triple in 10. Gregg compared the United States with the Greece issues. He noted that 70 million Americans are about to retire, compared with the 35 million who currently rely on Social Security. Obama wants to increase taxes to sustain its social projects, which will sink to small entrepreneurs, who may not hire new employees. The solution is upside down, must cut taxes and let that companies prosper give work to those who do not. But that goes against your schemas leftists, the same that happens with Latin American leaders. The Liberals never generated consistent wealth and will not produce it now. If an apparent recovery is seeing, is circumstantial. In Latin America the tax evasion is institutionalised, allowing them to industrialists marginalizing profits, wishing to transfer abroad. This will not save your heritage. The only lasting and healthy alternative for economic growth, is to change the political course.

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