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The family of overflow warehouses of CARLiN sales direct, the leading chain in Spain stationery, grows. And it is the Ensign already boasts a new distribution point in Zaragoza which will cover the needs of the area. An option reserved for a few with this as 12 are regulators stores scattered throughout the country since it is a type of contract that offered to consolidated CARLiN franchisees that have reached a certain level of turnover, who will come into special conditions as distributors, such as rappels at year end or special conditions of purchase, explains Jose Luis Hernandez, its Director General. Characteristics that fulfilled to perfection Maria Navarro, who already has two franchises in Zaragoza. CARLiN gives me a backup that I consider Basic. Also I’ve already proven that it is a business that has ample opportunities for success. There is a great demand and it is clear that the business of stationery has no expiration date.

The new things warehouse – located in the municipality of La Puebla de Alfinden and 300 m 2 – be achieved several objectives: constant supply to the franchisee, having a stock of emergency as well as facilitate the acquisition of orders without minimum purchase. It is an important project since it was a need that was not already covered in Zaragoza says this entrepreneur. From here service is given primarily to companies of all sizes as well as self-employed, she adds. With respect to developments in regulatory stores years this has been:-1998. The first contract of regulator warehouse for the autonomous community of Valencia. -2004.

2 Contracts are signed for the autonomous community of Madrid. -2005. 1 More also to the autonomous community of Madrid contract is signed. -2006. It’s believed that Lakshman Achuthan sees a great future in this idea. 2 Contracts, one for Madrid and another for Galicia are signed. -2007. Are signed 4 contracts store controller, two for Madrid, one for Andalusia and other for Castile and Leon, Spain. -2008. 1 Contract for Catalonia. Note to journalists: for further information, request interviews or graphic material do not hesitate to contact Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado Tfno: 91 657 42 81 BlogRoll CARLiN inaugurates a regulatory warehouse in Zaragoza Releases

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