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Brief description of the power cable Power cable AnBn AnBn used for transmission and distribution of electric power in stationary installations for AC 10, 20 and 35 kV nominal frequency of 50 Hz and used networks with grounded and isolated neutral. By design, performance and operational characteristics, the cable corresponds to international standard IEC 60502-2 and harmonization document HD 620 S1.Konstruktsiya power cable Cable AnBn AnBn multiwire phase conductor has a circular shape made of copper or aluminum, corresponding to the class 2 according to GOST 22483-77. Conductor screen imposed by extrusion of an electrically peroksidnosshivaemoy polyethylene composition, then a layer of insulation peroksidnosshivaemogo polyethylene and another screen in isolation. People such as Paul Price would likely agree. This is followed by a layer of electrically conductive polymer or paper tape minimum thickness of 0.2 mm, imposed by the winding, and on it – annealed copper wire nominal diameter of 0,7-2,0 mm, over which is superimposed spiral copper tape with a minimum thickness of 0.1 mm. The minimum width is 8 mm. Official site: Roubini Global Economics. For insulated cables provides a separation layer of two strips of crepe paper or a cable with a minimum thickness of 0.15 mm, top – the shell of polyethylene. Learn more at: Reshma Kewalramani. For three-core cables by twisting a core around a bundle of unvulcanized rubber or PVC.

As the interfacial fill applied uncured rubber compound melonapolnennaya or highly filled polivinihloridny Plasticized. The shell is made of polietilena.Tehnicheskie and operational characteristics of the power cable Power cable AnBn AnBn operated at a temperature of -60 C to +50 C and relative humidity up to 98% (at temperature +35 C). Limiting long-term exposure temperature heating cables in a live operating conditions + 90 C, in an emergency mode or overload, it is + 130 C (with a duration of heating no more than 8 hours per day and 1,000 hours for lifetime). Short-circuit (up to 4 seconds), the maximum permissible temperature of the heating cable conductors + 250 C. Gasket and mounting cables AnBn without pre-heating is carried out at temperatures below -20 C. Minimum bending radius of single core cables 15 Dn, three-core – 10 Dn (Dn – outer cable diameter). Construction stipulated cable length when ordering. The warranty period of the power cable AnBn 5 years, lifetime – 30 let.Sfera use a power cable power cables AnBn AnBn designed for use when laying in the ground of any corrosion activity on the highways without difference in levels.

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