Portishead – The Rip

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Portishead has surprised everyone with his return. At least I’m completely hooked to it and I think the best album of the year, Third. And it is that the more you hear (and I can assure you that I have been a few) more nuanced and more I discover new traps.

Impeccable as a whole, here there is not a single issue on which, although some stand out above the rest. First there was the sound that is machine gun Machine Gun and now it is the turn of The Rip.

A song that begins as a whisper and gradually is becoming a delirious tune of Kraftwerk, at any time without losing the thread that is the incredible voice of Beth Gibbons.

For the visual appearance this time have opted for a harrowing history of animation, somewhat surreal and dreamlike you leaves a strange sensation in the body when you first see. Would not you the same thing happened after the first listening to Third?

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