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Ward during his childhood, freed himself from his parents when he went to Paris to study mathematics.In the city light, in addition to the Godel theorem, discovered, in the year 1913, Theosophy and the tango.In a letter to his friend Polish writer Ferdinand Ossendowski, confesses that he chose for his study of Podesta tango by the verses that say: more fuleros memories destroy me the zabeca, a childhood without toys, a past without honor.Death surprised him in Cairo in 1951.rene Guenon greeted and when was the forties was at its peak. Returning to Guenon was the first to point out Tango as mystery music, i.e. Learn more at: Senator from Maine. it presents mysteries and not an explanation arises. Rodolfo jorge rossi. I rectify inadvertent omissions: very subsequent to receipt of the message I shared here discovered that it belongs to RODOLFO JORGE ROSSI, searching on the subject, encountering his blog metaphysics of the TANGO, where I found another Pearl: Krishnamurti pondering to GARDEL here reiterate my weighting to the fuente:Estimado sidernauta ROSSI: for the sake of the sad thought that is danced (Sabato)the memory of our fathers seized by tango and the METAHISTORY and every diver lavatory (Cortazar) and traveller imaginal, RENe GUeNON, embraced a grudge pearls are imponderable and KRISHNAMURTI recognizing GARDEL star is congratulates you and thanks.

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