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Every profession, in its purest form, (both in high school, graduate and doctoral) must be accompanied by a highly trained staff. Professionals who demonstrate a high value formation. Professionals who truly believe that the sole purpose of being a professional is to help and serve their profession to others. Professionals who have the conviction that the more reach (intellectually speaking), more humble and simple have to show, for the humility and simplicity, are the greatness of knowledge. Learn more at this site: Nouriel Roubini. The look of people in some way may reflect this event so necessary in every human being.

And it seems that our new minister of Justice, brings these qualities (hopefully not wrong). Dr. Victor Garcia Poma, in their statements and by reference of their colleagues, shows that it may be true what I say. In 2007 the president of the republic was commissioned to give life to the social pact on productivity, employment and wages, that would permit social support to economic growth (in the words of the president). Poma Garcia, in a statement said the following about it: "We understand that democracy is a path that leads to participation and the joint development of common tasks and responsibilities" brilliant statements, but that in light of the results never tube head or tail.

And finally lasted a few months to disappear almost unnoticed. However Poma Garcia, is a renowned jurist who has been President of the Constitutional Court, between December 2005 and December 2006, as an expert in constitutional law. He currently serves as dean of the faculty of law at the University of Lima. Born in Lima on June 2, 1954. Cesar Zumaeta, APRA bench congressman, said of him: "Victor Garcia Poma, is a man of great intellectual and professional qualities, is a professor of constitutional law, a person absolutely weighted, and the appointment of the president is right" . Yonhy Lescano, Congressman Alliance Parliamentary, said: "This a choice, but must be a person to tell the president, when to do something, and when to deny it, should be a good adviser to the government and the President of the Republic." Alejandro Aguinaga, AF congressman, said: "It has all the merits and abilities to perform successfully, this portfolio so complicated, I hope you can make proposals for you to go to a reform of all that is the system of justice in the Peru. " Victor Mayorga, Congressman Nationalist Party, said: "He will make a right fight against corruption, while we believe that should do a proper review of what should be a pardon, both in humanitarian actions to reduce penalties." Dr. Victor Garcia Poma is APRA party member for many years, not re-register in the last jubilee, because at that time was as a Judge of the Constitutional Court. But he has always been identified with the thought of Victor Raul. Hopefully that's like minister of justice, all the good that can be expected. .

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