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The mobile phone or cell phone is an electronic device that allows wireless access to the network or mobile phone. It’s called due to the cellular antenna that make up the network, each of which is a cell, although there are satellite mobile telephone networks. Its main feature is its portability, which allows you to communicate from almost anywhere. Although its primary function is voice communication, like phone, its rapid development has added other features such as camera, calendar, Internet access, video playback and mp3 player and GPS.
The first step regarding the cell phone company is the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X with its model. The model was designed by engineer Rudy Krolopp Motorola in 1983. The model weighed just under a kilo and a value of almost 4,000. Krolopp would join the team later research and development led by Martin Cooper Motorola. Krolopp Cooper as both appear as owners of the original patent. From the DynaTAC 8000X, Motorola would develop new models like the Motorola MicroTAC, launched in 1989 and the Motorola Startac, launched in 1996 to market.

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