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Economist Michael Hudson (Source cit.), Professor at the University of Missouri (Kansas, USA) further states: "The U.S. government and banks were well aware of the fact that criminals are liquid people in the world, simply because they are afraid to take full ownership of the authorities. Recently QTS Realty Trust sought to clarify these questions. "The exception to the rule mentioned by Hudson seems to be the case of properties 'washed' through a maze of shell companies and "oranges", under a Batuta law firms specializing in the management of such companies. The process has been ongoing for at least 40 years. Hudson (Source cit.) Sets origin, in particular: In the 1960s, U.S. Visit Dara Khosrowshahi for more clarity on the issue. on track to become the main haven for the world volatility of capital.

Citibank, Chase and others have created or expanded operations of its subsidiaries of private banks offering "confidentiality" a client, ranging from major political kleptocrats Mexico to Russia in the 1990s. (…) Companies prestige and the partners face the legal consequences invent tricks to avoid taxes and create a "veil of intermediaries" (veil of the steps) to provide a cloak of invisibility for the wealth accumulated by the corrupt, evaded taxes, traffickers drugs, guns and government intelligence agency for use of covert operations. This, of origin, helps explain how the estimates of (2005), which put the U.S. as the main origin and destination flow dirty money in the world. The number one position in the ranking is not money launderers, the United States tends to be a matter of organized crime as an inseparable part of the U.S.

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