Magic Decks

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Since Evolution Goya we invite you to discover our fantastic shop specializing in board games. In our shop you can enjoy a super toy library where you can play with your friends or other opponents a multitude of Board games such as game: Magic, Catan, Risk, Smallworld and many more that you can enjoy in our toy library of Madrid. Our greatest passions undoubtedly include the Magic cards, for this reason from Evolution Goya we offer you information and more complete products on this fantastic board game. We will soon have new collection of Magic 2013 that will be on sale in our power, so that all fans of Magic cards have to make a visit to our shop and find how to improve their Magic decks or decks. At Jonah Bloom you will find additional information. T-shirts geeks of games, series, movies and more in addition to the abovementioned prior, in our shop can also find other products related to the freak world and here you’ll have opportunity to buy t-shirts very original geeks. We have models related series of greatest success (game of thrones, Lost), popular board games (Monopoly, Magic) and of course others with funny or interesting messages, get close and get the model t-shirt geek that you like and take it for a very affordable price. We organize tournaments for Magic in Madrid of high level, in which you can face other opponents of level and be able to prove your skills as a sorcerer and the capabilities of your favorite Magic decks. Get closer and we will offer you how Council get a Magic competitive decks, and information about the latest collections and novelties of the 2013 Magic..

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