Leo Tolstoy

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Okay, pick one and start writing, but thought for some reason, the order ahead of the degree of randomness of movement of a drunken ant stumbles on one another, and from the pen leaves a mere apology of what to expect from their creative, in general, nature. Leo Tolstoy obzavidovalsya to the number of deletions and rewriting again, and Muse, it seems, has turned into an inveterate sadist and decided to make fun of me in a particularly perverse form. Within a few days at different times taken for an article, but the result still lamentable. Strenuously trying to figure out what I have offended muse, and in return – dead silence of the mind and intuition. And, when once again I'm trying to storm the bastion of creative stupor, my brain flashed recently subtracted in the blog Davydova quote one dealer options: "It's incredible how rich you can get without being perfect." – "It's amazing how you can become rich without being perfect." This phrase can be applied not only to the greenback, and rubles a Tug.

This is true any area of life. It's amazing how easy it is to start a business on the Internet with little or no money in your pocket. It's amazing how easy it is to write a book that is like the absolute majority of its read, even if that you are not Tolstoy or Coelho and this is your first such experience. It is surprising that rather clumsy advertising copy somehow, but it brings the sale.

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