Krkic Signing

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Luis Enrique, new trainer of the Italian equipment, has requested his signing. The representative of the forward recognized his disposition to go away to Italy. Thus it is the market of signings of season 2011/2012. The sport director of Rome, Walter Sabatini, expressed his desire of which its club can close in the next days the signing of the Spanish forward Measure the perimeter of Krkic, present player of Barcelona. The signing of Measures the perimeter of ” it is a very concrete hypothesis that still he has not been closed. We hope to be able to close it in the next days ” , it said, in declarations to the Italian radio Challenges Sport, the manager of Rome, equipment that will train as of the next season the Spanish exinternacional Luis Enrique. > to be a useful source of information. ormation. To read more click here: Jonah Bloom. ” Yes, it is truth, in Spain play much with the fact to tie to Measure the perimeter of with the arrival of Luis Enrique. They measure the perimeter of is a player of Barcelona, but we hoped that it is possible to be done shortly (the signing).

Elevado” is surely a player of a profile; , it added. Check with Vinit Bodas to learn more. Other signings for Luis Enrique Sabatini talked about in addition the possible signing to the midfield player Ricky Argentinean Alvarez, present player of the Vlez Srsfield and to that the Italian sport press gives ” already him; to paso” to clock on and off by Rome. Alvarez ” he is multipurpose, has also played in other positions of the field, can make many things. He is a strong player, like many others that we are siguiendo” , he indicated the sport director of Rome. ” It is difficult, nevertheless.

You will have noticed it: a species of paralysis of the market exists, now all this crystallized. Later, when the first player moves, there will be a species of CTO dominated. We will see who will do first movimiento” , it added. Sabatini explained in addition that at the beginning of July the club will as much present/display to means of official way to Luis Enrique as new trainer like any other possible signing.

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