Klaxons Hadouken

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In the fashion world is the law, "twelve years" – just as often drawn to the world trend, forcing us to search through my mother's grandmother's trunks and suitcases in the attic. After about a period of time of occurrence, and distinctive features redrawn on young lean figure of those who are too young, that would have time to play it seriously. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. About as much time must pass in order from the bad junk and blatant bad taste thing again turned into a peep of the season. Approximately twelve years instead of fatigue and irritation, once your eyes have namusolivshie things again begin to cause a smile. Approximately twelve years to be forgotten, in order to think again. Rave comes back. Jonah Bloom often says this. Elektro, the main trend of dance music in recent years, giving way to a new sound.

But to say that music or Klaxons Hadouken opens a new chapter of world music, I think not. Yes, New rave, of course, is not "new." If you recall the numerous attempts to classify dance music "rave" music in general is not. Rave, in general, this dance event, which may sound acid house, techno, trance, rock, but anything else. What sounds on the new rave? All the same. Yes, electro-rock gave way to disco-punk, electro became angrier, hysterical, and now instead of just uniformly nastukivat of the skull, the sound pulls it together with the spine. Where the difference between old and new rave? Died there anyway the old rave, to be reborn from oblivion after 12 years? In general, did not die.

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