Individual Garden Design

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The gardens of the gods – a planet Park in planning gardens of the gods – the planet Park plans for the “gardens of the gods – the planetary Park” go ahead. More Aufnmerksamkeit for the project could be achieved by the formation of the Forderveins for the new garden project and the publication of 12 post cards sets. For example, The Mars postcard. Planned is a park which is formed, which consists of twelve individual gardens are surrounded on the outside by high and opaque yew hedges. Currently, a post card set and gift set is offered with 12 individual gardens. Garden pictures is one of the primary principles enshrined in our culture or symbols are represented by the selection of certain plants, colors, shapes and materials. We find these symbols in the gods of Olympus of Greek and Roman mythology, as well as in the symbolic language of our myths and fairy tales. The planet for these primary principles are available in classic and modern astrology.

For example, Jupiter symbolizes (Greek: Zeus) the developing first principle, Saturn (Greek: Cronus), however, stands for the limiting, narrowing first principle. This analog thinking in the resulting “planetary Park” is visually perceptible and teachable. One of the God is the garden of Venus “Venus” (Greek: Aphrodite), the balancing first principle, and the goddess of beauty, harmony and love, creating a garden that invites to enjoy with exuberant fullness of flowering and fragrant scents. Forderkreis gardens of the gods e.V. c/o Annette Fechner Biggeweg 2 28205 Bremen Internet: E-Mail: Annette Fechner (1 Chair Tel: + 49 421 333 1422 or: Ulrich Reinhardt Tel.: + 49 421 794 799 20

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