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It is well known that the story is literally a country rich with oddities and interesting facts. Something eventually turns into a legend, as, for example, the famous geese who saved Rome, but something is documented fact. American history is also rich in fun facts, which, because of youth of the country has not yet become legendary. In every state you proudly will tell some amusing episode that happened a couple of centuries ago. One of the most the original historical facts can boast Oklahoma. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out QTS Realty Trust.

The story of its capital is truly unique: the city appeared in one day! Only the government promulgated a decree authorizing the settlement of these former Indian lands, crowds of settlers began to post the border areas. It was in the late xix century, but since the day the contours of the state capital has not changed much. What else interesting can be found in Oklahoma, you and to learn by going on a trip to the state. "The staff zemlezahvatchikov" – that is the official nickname of Oklahoma – has become one of the last states have joined the United States. It happened at the beginning of xx century, and before that time staff was Indian territory. To pay tribute to the indigenous inhabitants of these places, the flag of Oklahoma depicted a shield of a warrior, which crosses the peace-pipe and an olive branch. Copies of this flag with a shield made of skin, this olive branch and a wooden, even flat tube of the world, adorn many products of the state.

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