Independent Communities

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Use At the end of 2009, this model of business employed to 222,660 people, which supposes 12% of the use of the retail trade. In this sense, and words of Mariano Alonso, founder and Partner Chief of a main directorate of mundoFranquicia consulting, " by its character of self-employment formula, in a situation of progressive deterioration of the numbers of use in our country, the tax exemption continues seeing increased its ratios of occupation, aspect this one that we hoped to see increased in 2010 before the beginning of numerous businesses on the part of people whom there are lost or they can lose his positions of trabajo". Between the sectors that more job generate is, first of all, the one of the hotel trade/restoration, that gives use to 69,533 people. Next they are the activities of travel agencies, with 17,239 employees; of feeding, with 13,172, and of preparation/fashion, with 12.133. Here, Roubini Global Economics expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Investment To the closing of the passed exercise, the total investment that they disbursed to realise openings of establishments the 823 standards that compose the Spanish system of franchise was of 4,696, 2 million Euros, which supposes an average investment of 76,112 Euros by opening. The sectors that more investments carried out were, by this order: the /restauraci hotel trade n, with 1,771, 9 million Euros; preparation/fashion, with 311.4 million; feeding, with 230.3 million, and hairdressing salon/cosmetic beauty/, with 224.4 million inverted Euros. Independent communities The analysis conducted as far as the location of the 823 central franchisors in the different Independent Communities that conform the map of Spain, keeps awake that Madrid is the region that groups a greater number of power stations, with 192 (a 23.3%), followed by Catalonia, with 155 (a 18.8%), the Valencian Community, with 102 (12.4%), and Andalusia, with 90 networks (a 10.9%). .

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