I Want To Hear! 1 Frankfurt Ear Tag On The 25th April 2009

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\”Under the auspices of the Frankfurt can see can check the Frankfurt free Mayor Petra Roth and not do a hearing test site Frankfurt, April 2009, separates the things not hear from can, by the people.\” The philosopher Immanuel Kant recognized the enormous importance of our hearing sense. Therefore, the Johann Wolfgang Goethe download the Center for Otolaryngology of clinic University, initiative I want to listen to the COCHLEAR\”and the Gabriele Lux Foundation all affected and interested parties on 25 April 2009 at Frankfurt ear day 1. From 10: 00, two free informational meetings about the causes and treatment of hearing loss, deafness, tinnitus and dizziness occur in this context in the premises of the University Hospital. Patron of the Frankfurt ear day is Mrs Petra Roth, Lord Mayor of the city of Frankfurt. Through the program, Anne Bruning, the popular TV presenter of the service show leads simply! healthy Hessischer Rundfunk. Background: 1,2 million People in Germany are highly or adjacent to the deafness hard of hearing. About 10 million people suffer from tinnitus.

Missing or inadequate therapy, the consequences for the person concerned can be devastating: the hearing for the communication in the social environment is no longer sufficient, a retreat from society is often the result. In the age, attacks of Vertigo due to ear problems are one of the most common causes of crashes with often dire consequences. The 1 Frankfurt ear day would like to counteract this and enlighten about hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness, and inform about the treatment options. Modern hearing aids can compensate very well a slight to medium-degree of hearing impairment. KBS often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Severe hearing difficulties can be overcome with a cochlear implant (CI) a prosthesis for the sense of hearing. Information about the possibilities of treatment of tinnitus (ear noise) and errors of the balance form the second focus of the Event.

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