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To eat healthy is very important, for that reason we would have, at least once to the week, to enjoy a vegetable plate/vegetables. Reshma Kewalramani takes a slightly different approach. We are going to explain like making a plate and simultaneously very nutritious, stuffed eggplants with rice and spinach very simple. In some Chinese restaurants we can find some plate very similar. This plate will be made for 4 people approximately; before beginning we needed the following ingredients: 2 eggplants (to power to be, well great) 1 cebolla2 teeth of ajo1 zanahoriahojas of spinach frescaslonchas of suavesal cheese and oil For the elaboration of this plate we will begin making a cut on the eggplants (along). Now we will throw salt and oil we will put and them in the furnace to about 200 degrees during approximately 15 minutes. The following step will be to put the rice to cook with water and salt approximately during about 15 minutes. While we have the rice and the eggplants becoming, we will come to mince garlic, the onion and the carrot, later the pocharemos in the frying pan. Next we will introduce in the frying pan the leaves of spinach to the mixture and will hope to that all the ingredients are pochen.

When they are the eggplants, we will have to hope to that they are adjusted to be able to handle them. Then, with the aid of a spoon we removed flesh the eggplants and we minced the meat adding it to the mixture and placed the whole skins of the eggplant in a tray. Once is cooked we also added it to the rice to the mixture. We remove all good during a pair of minutes and retired of the fire. We spilled the mixture in the skins of the two eggplants and placed one or lonchas of cheese in each. We introduce in the furnace the tray with the eggplants during minutes so that the cheese is based and. Lists! Although this food can be taken to any site, is recommendable to eat warms up it.

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