Hans-Helmut Janiesch New Member In The KoTTER Security Advisory Board

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Former head of Department security/law enforcement of the Police Presidium food complements the high-level Expert Panel on food. Hans Helmut Janiesch, Chief of police/crime Director i. R., is a new Member in the KoTTER of Security Advisory Board (www.koetter.de). The 61-year-old was head of security/law enforcement of the Police Presidium food last from 1998-2007. In this capacity, he was responsible for around 1,600 protection and law enforcement officials.

The responsibility for capital offences included food also Mulheim an der Ruhr and Oberhausen. When hostage-takings, extortion cases etc. the area of responsibility was expanded beyond Duisburg, Krefeld, Kleve and Wesel to the police authorities. The existing since the year 2000 KoTTER Security Advisory Board encourages dialogue in different fields of security with the public sector. It aims to show benefits, resulting from the cooperation with private service providers for internal security. The expert panel is KoTTER security also in the realization Security projects advisory to the side and Academy is also involved in the development and implementation of education and training standards within the company menseigenen KAKAR.

Chairman of the KoTTER of Security Advisory Board is General a. D. Ulrich k. Wegener, founder of the anti-terrorist unit GSG 9 the cooperation with such high-profile experts is an extremely exciting task. While I would like to introduce especially my experiences from the crime prevention and successfully practised in cooperation information from public authorities and private security service providers”, explains Hans Helmut Janiesch. As a further focal point of my work I see the theme of education and training.” Chief of police/crime Director i. R. brings extensive knowledge in these areas. So Hans Helmut Janiesch was among part-time lecturer in Criminology and forensics at the universities of Dortmund and Wuppertal. As a founding member of the existing since 2005 order partnership Essen/Mulheim an der Ruhr, he gave impetus to the Cooperation of police and private security companies continues to successfully move forward. In addition, Hans Helmut Janiesch has a wide range of international experience. Most important task in this area was the management of the police contingent in the framework of the EU administration in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (WEU police) mid of 1990s after the war in the former Yugoslavia. The goal: Build and support an ethnically United police force in Mostar.

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